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Landscapers making less than $10 million a year…

We have something else to talk to you about– and it could be the difference between staying where you are right now with your landscape business and growing to a respected, household-name landscape company that achieves serious growth and results in as little as 6 months…

Tired of inefficient crews, missed deadlines and lousy customers?

Sick of wasting time and money on advertising that doesn’t attract the right clients, not getting enough leads to scale your business and having to scour the internet for good crew members in the first place?

You DON’T have to deal with any of that now!

And before you start thinking things like, “No way!” or “That’s too good to be true.” or “I’ve already tried everything.” or “You don’t even know me yet!”...

We understand.

Big promises, yada yada yada.

Well, you’re free to leave if you think this is some sort of Ponzi scheme, or investment scam,
or anything like that.

But if you decide to stay, we’d like for you to hear us out until the end.

Because it’s time to…

Discover the Secret That Landscapers Across the Country Are Using to Double Their Business’s Growth, Attract Ideal Customers on Autopilot, Make a Huge Impact on Your Community, and Establish a World-Class Crew That Treats Each Job With Respect...

… Leaving all the long, 13+ hour days and unhappy customers in the past!

Dear landscaping business owner,

Whether you’re a veteran or a newbie in landscaping, listen up.

The reason you’re spending so much of your time, money and energy keeping up with delivering quality work, staying competitive in a saturated industry and retaining reliable workers?

It comes down to one thing (and we’re getting there– we promise).

And it has nothing to do with a lack of business expertise… nor is it because your prices are too high to compete… and trust us when we say that there is quality and reliable help out there…

So if you’re still stuck working too many hours– without even having the time to find good crew members, or being able to grow and scale your business…

We get it.

We’ve spoken to the real landscapers (just like you) out there, doing hard, back-breaking work for an honest paycheck.

And THIS has become clear:

It’s more difficult than ever for landscapers all over the U.S. to build and maintain an elite team of employees who can serve their customers at the highest level.

There are few reliable applicants responding to listings...

Every good option is quickly swept up by one of your competitors…

Or the applicant asks for an unreasonable wage that you CAN’T afford…

But what can you do?

At the end of the day, you need an elite team of workers to retain your ideal customers and build a successful landscaping business.

You need to reach that success that you’ve been dreaming of since you first started out in this industry.

Otherwise, you’d fall behind the competition and end up as yet another group of landscapers who don’t seal the deal.


Your only option is to keep trying with the same old tactics. Just push on and hope good employees and great customers will find you...



You need:

To start attracting your ideal employees and customers in one swoop.
Strategies to find the perfect-fit team, the right pricing and the right business plans.
To trust yourself to let go and grow.

And the reality is, it’s hard to let go of what you’ve been working so hard to maintain for so long. It feels almost impossible to have faith in the process if you don’t have a proven, step-by-step blueprint to follow.

Which is why you might be...

Tired of the grind and upholding the whole weight of your business…

Feeling uneasy about your pricing and not feeling confident about your position against the mounds of competition out there...

Being unable to find truly motivated, hard-working and reliable crew members to help...

Feeling uncertain about the success you once imagined having, because you’ve never been seen as the true entrepreneur and leader that you are...

But right now– today– that’s all about to change for you.

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landscape marketing hero image

Picture this:

You’ll finally have the type of employees who show up on time with everything they need to do outstanding work, including a plan of action...

The type of employees who not only passively attract your ideal customers, but actively pass out door hangers and promote your business on their own...


The Landscaper’s Growth Package gives you expertly developed assets that let you:

Show up in the lives of your ideal customers with effective, no-frills marketing
Build and maintain real relationships with your customers
Recruit and train the perfect employees
And way, way more
think of it this image

Think of it this way…

When you go out for a bite to eat at a sit-down restaurant with your family, you pretty much know what to expect, right?

You expect to walk into the joint, say “hey” to the person at the front and get your menus.

You expect to be led to the table you’re going to sit down at, have your menus put smack-dab in front of you and be wished a good meal.

You expect to open your menu and start thinking about what you’re gonna have to drink.

You expect your waiter or waitress to head your way, greet you with a friendly smile and ask for your drink order.

You expect to get those drinks, and get them fast.

You expect to pick what you’ll have to eat (and hope that the rest of your family doesn’t take too long deciding on what they’ll have, which can happen way more than you wish it would).

Then, you expect your waiter or waitress to take your order, for your food to come out sooner rather than later (and to come out right), to enjoy the dishes with your loved ones, and to get the bill and head back home knowing that you had a good time and a good meal.

Sounds simple– but there are a lot of moving parts that go into that good dining experience.

On the surface level, you know that if the host or hostess wasn’t at the front of the restaurant waiting to greet and seat you, you’d have to wait longer than you ever planned to.

If the busboy hadn’t cleaned the table that you sat down at very well, you’d be grossed out about eating there at all.

If you ordered an alcoholic drink, and the bartender was MIA, it takes too long– it leaves a sour taste in your mouth instead of the taste of that nice glass of cold, bubbly beer that you were expecting.

If your waiter or waitress wasn’t friendly, you feel like your dinner experience was spoiled. If they don’t fill up your and your family’s drinks once they’re empty, then your appetizer suddenly isn’t as– well– appetizing.

If there was an error on your bill, you have to stay out later than you had all wanted to just to get it fixed.

But all of those surface-level things are just that– surface level.

Those are all things that rely on each individual person who was working at the restaurant when you got there to deliver for you, so that you end up having a nice time with your family.

sound simple image

When you look at it a little bit deeper, though, you know that just like that restaurant crew, it takes a village for your landscape crew to deliver a good experience for your customers. It takes teamwork. It takes smooth-movin’, smart, planned-out work to succeed.

For example, you wouldn’t have gone to the restaurant in the first place if you didn’t know it existed. You might have ended up with a burnt dinner at home.

And how did you know that this restaurant existed to begin with?

With marketing and advertising.

(And good marketing and advertising, at that.)

If the host/hostess or the waiter/waitress hadn’t shown up for work because they hated where they worked, or just couldn’t be bothered to come in for some reason or another, your service would have been a lot slower (and a lot less satisfactory, too).

And how did all the restaurant employees decide that they were going to come into work that day– the day you took your family out for dinner?

Because their employer did their part with hiring, retaining and managing the best employees around.

Assuming that your restaurant experience was a good one, how did your waiter or waitress make sure that your drinks were always filled before they were even empty, your food came out correctly and on time, and that your bill was correct?

They planned for it. They trained themselves to be good at that planning by consistently practicing.

Even if your bill was expensive at the end of your meal– and you knew it might be, because you looked at the prices on the menu– why did you pay it anyways?

Because that restaurant knew how to price their food and drinks based on the quality they knew they’d be offering you.

Even though owning and managing a landscaping company might be a heck of a lot different than owning and managing a restaurant on the surface, the deeper you dive, the more you realize that it’s not all that different after all.

You both have to market and advertise, build a rockstar crew, plan ahead and price effectively so that you can close sales.

And we’re here to help you do exactly that— and more.

So, Why Should You Care About All This? How Does It Apply to Your Business Specifically?

If you’re a member in any Facebook groups or forums for landscaping, you’ve probably noticed something…

Your industry is exploding.

Every day, more and more people join the landscaping ranks. And more and more of those people are getting younger and younger.

These young folks are taking fresh approaches to generating success for their landscape companies– they’re getting cleverer at marketing and advertising, they’re getting more competitive at pricing, they’re getting more skilled at closing sales, they’re getting more distinct with their branding and they’re getting more comfortable with planning.

landscape marketing hero how image

According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP),

in 2021 alone, the landscape industry grew by 4.9 percent from 2020.

That’s a big difference from other home services industries, according to IBISWorld.
Take a quick look at some of these numbers:

The plumbing industry has only grown 3.2 percent per year between 2017 and 2022.
The electrician industry has only grown 2.2 percent per year between 2017 and 2022.
The handyman industry has only grown 1.2 percent per year between 2017 and 2022. says that the construction industry will only grow 4.4 percent between 2020 and 2025.

That means that today is the day for you to invest in the future of your landscape business with The Landscaper’s Growth Package– because we know how to help you stand out from all those competitors that just keep popping up on every neighborhood corner, every yard sign, every door hanger and every website ad.

We know how to help you brand so that you stand out as a household name that everyone in your community relies on.

We know how to show you how you can plan for a successful business– then actually help you reach that level of success...

Because we know how to help you close 90 percent of your estimates, too.

And once we help you do all of that, you’re going to start seeing a huge difference between you and your competition.

investing image

While you’re investing in the current and future success of your company, your competitors will be…

Micromanaging their teams...
Dealing with customers who pay peanuts and haggle like it’s their full-time job…
Trying to build a business that people forget the name of almost as soon as they hear it…
Second-guessing their business strategies…
Working late (and early) hours, only to feel like they still aren’t reaching their goals or making important, long-lasting connections with their customers…

On the other hand, here’s what you’ll be able to do for your landscape business…

Recruit the efficient, reliable and elite team that delivers the finest-quality service…
Attract high-ticket customers who will pay what you deserve for all your services…
Establish your company as the leader in your community– the go-to for all their landscaping needs…
Spend just 5-6 hours working and still be able to make it home for dinner with your family (and plenty of time for personal growth)...
Make your mark in the world of landscaping– both online and offline…
Refine the perfect pricing strategy for all your services that’s easy to say “YES” to…
landscape business image

You still might have one big ‘ole whopper of a question though:

“How do I know this will work for me, my crew and my business?

It’s simple.

We know this will work for you because this same, proven, step-by-step system has transformed the revenue and businesses of literally countless other landscape business owners.

Now, those countless landscape business owners are:

Landing high-quality jobs

Landing high-quality jobs…

Recruiting dependable

Recruiting dependable, efficient and passionate employees…

 finest landscaping services

Delivering the finest landscaping services…

making millions

And making millions per year.

gabe arnold

There might be another question in the back of your head, though:

Who Are We, and Why Should You Trust Us?

We’re Landscape Marketing Hero.

And our mission is to help you attract your perfect customers, recruit and retain outstanding employees, and lead your community by building the go-to, multi-million dollar landscaping company in your area.

We’ve helped thousands upon thousands of business owners market and grow their businesses successfully– and now, it’s your turn.

Why do we focus on helping landscapers like you, in particular?

Landscape Marketing Hero’s founder and CEO, Gabe Arnold, used to be a landscaper.

And he personally dealt with all the struggles that you have to go through as a landscaper on a daily basis, like…

Feeling like you’re looked down on from homeowners (and even other business owners)...
Getting caught up in pricing…
Those picky (and even rude) customers who give you headaches all day with their attitudes, even though you spend hours working to make their properties beautiful…
Having to put your all into your business day after day and night after night, only for you to get back into the office and deal with a ton of paperwork and billing that turns that headache of yours into a migraine…

And it doesn’t end there. (It never does, does it?)

Before Gabe created Landscape Marketing Hero, though, he also founded Business Marketing Engine, where we work with many service-based businesses, across many industries.

That’s when he started thinking more about those struggles that landscapers like you face all the time.

So he decided to develop a marketing system proven specifically for landscaping businesses– because real marketing companies, with real strategies and real people just aren’t out there for landscapers specifically.

We tested a bunch. We failed a few times. We refined the process and system.

landscape business image

And the results shocked all of us here at Landscape Marketing Hero…

Because we ended up taking a landscape business over the threshold of $10 million per year.

At another time, we helped a landscape business generate $750,000 in revenue in just 90 days.

And now, that same formula is sitting here– waiting for you to take advantage of it, with our support along the way.

Now, these clients aren’t special...

They’re just like you.

What’s Included in The Landscaper’s Growth Package?

In The Landscaper’s Growth Package, you’ll have access to groundbreaking tools and assets, including:

The Social Media Starter Kit:

366 customizable social media posts with copy and images.

Laying the Groundwork: Your Planning Guide to Success:

A planning guide that will help you set daily, weekly and even yearly goals.

A Convenient Guide to Landscaping Sales Strategies:

An e-book that will guide you through the confusing world of sales.

The Path of Sales: Close 90% of Your Estimates:

Video training that will help you close 90 percent of your estimates– without overworking yourself.

landscape business image

Each piece of information and tool in our course is designed to help you aggressively grow and scale your landscaping business!

Let’s get one thing clear…

We aren’t new around here.

We’ve been helping landscapers grow and scale their businesses for longer than most…

And the whole time, we’ve been helping landscapers like you become heroes for their communities.

So, you may not be the first landscaping business owner we’ve helped make it big...

But you CAN be the next.

Whether you’ve been in the game for a while now, or you’re a green, young landscaper with big dreams, you’re in the right place.

Are you ready to take the leap toward your

success and grow into a

multimillion-dollar landscaping business?

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