Landscape Industry in the US – Data, Trends, Stats

The landscape industry in the United States has seen significant growth in recent years. From in-home gardeners to large-scale commercial operations, there’s no shortage of opportunity in this ever-growing industry.

But with all this growth, what does the future hold for the landscape industry? For one, the industry isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon.

The driving popularity of outdoor living spaces shows no signs of waning, especially as millennials continue to come of age. In fact, the generation is already having a major impact on the industry landscape.

So what does this look like for your landscaping business?

Here are some key data points and trends to keep an eye on if you’re involved in the landscape industry:

How Large Is the Landscaping Industry in the US?

Worth over $120 billion, the landscaping industry in the United States is a major force to be reckoned with. And it’s only expected to grow in the coming years.

What is driving the growth of the landscaping industry?

There are a few factors at play here. First, the overall economy is improving, which means more people are willing to invest in their homes and property. Secondly, the housing market is rebounding, which means there’s more demand for landscaping services. This applies to both new homeowners and existing homeowners who are looking to boost their home’s value.

Finally, as baby boomers begin to retire, many are choosing to spend their golden years in homes with beautiful landscaping. As a result, the demand for landscaping services has increased dramatically in the past few years.

What does this mean for you?

If you are thinking about starting your own landscaping business, now is the perfect time to do so. In fact, various statistics from IBISWorld  support this claim.

Is there a strong demand for landscaping in the futureIs There a Strong Demand for Landscaping in the Future

Whether you are a seasoned landscaper or just getting started, there is always demand for landscapers. In fact, over 1.2 million people are employed in the landscaping industry in the US. What’s more, that number is expected to grow by 10 percent by 2029.

And when it comes to compensation, landscapers are doing quite well. The median pay for a landscaper is about $48,190 per year. However, that number can grow significantly depending on experience, location, and other factors.

So, if you’re looking for a career with strong demand and plenty of opportunity, landscaping is a great option.

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Landscape Industry Market Size in the US

In the United States, there are 632,895 landscaping businesses, a number that is steadily increasing. And while many of these businesses are large, household-name operations, no company holds more than 5 percent of the market.

What does this mean for you?

It means that if you’re running a landscaping business, you have a huge opportunity to grow alongside this industry. And with the right marketing strategy, you can quickly become a leader in your field.

In fact, between 2017 and 2022, the market size increased by 5.3 percent on average.

To put it simply, there’s never been a better time to be in the landscaping business. And if you’re looking for ways to grow your business, this is an industry you should be paying attention to.

US States With the Highest Number of Landscaping Companies

There are landscaping companies in every state, but some states have a higher concentration of businesses than others. This can be attributed to various factors, including climate, population density and the amount of green space in a state.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking to start a landscaping company or expand an existing one, consider targeting the following states:


Florida, unsurprisingly, is one of the most popular states for landscaping companies. With over 60 thousand landscaping businesses, the state’s climate and population density make it a prime market for landscaping services. Some of the most popular include tree removal and lawn maintenance.


Like Florida, California’s landscape is perfect for landscaping businesses. With over 51 thousand landscaping businesses, the state has a large customer base and a climate conducive to year-round landscaping.

New York

Popular for its stunning cityscape, New York is also home to over 42 thousand landscaping businesses. With a mix of rural and urban areas, the state provides plenty of opportunities for landscapers to find work. Popular services include tree removal, lawn care and winter snow removal. However, with a large population, the service list is nearly endless.

Most Commonly Offered Landscaping Services in the USMost Commonly Offered Landscaping Services in the US

So, what services do landscapers offer?

While the answer to that question may vary depending on the business, some services are offered more commonly than others.  Here is a list of some of the most profitable, commonly offered landscaping services in the United States:

Landscape Designing/Construction

Landscape designers work with clients to create custom outdoor living spaces. This may include anything from simple gardens to more complex features such as waterfalls and outdoor kitchens. Once the design is complete, the landscape construction team will build it according to the plans.

As one of the most profitable services in the landscaping industry, it’s no wonder so many businesses offer landscape design.

Lawn Care Maintenance/Services

Lawn care is another highly profitable landscaping service. This type of service may include mowing, edging, fertilizing and weed control. Some lawn care companies also offer additional services such as aeration, dethatching and power raking.

Many businesses choose to specialize in lawn care services due to the high demand and profitability. In fact, recurring lawn care services often result in some of the highest customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Landscape Irrigation Installation/Maintenance

Installing and maintaining a landscape irrigation system is a complex and technical process. As a result, it requires specialized training and knowledge. Landscape irrigation companies often provide design, installation and maintenance services for both residential and commercial customers.

In addition to the installation of new systems, these companies also offer repair and maintenance services for existing systems. This can be a valuable service for customers who are not familiar with the intricacies of irrigation systems. It can also be very profitable for the company, as it can be a regular source of income.

Snow and Ice Removal and Management

Snow and ice removal is another service that is commonly provided by landscape companies. This can be a very important service in areas where snow and ice can accumulate quickly. In fact, mass snow and ice accumulation can cause property damage, as well as dangerous situations for pedestrians.

Many landscape companies have the equipment and expertise necessary to safely remove snow and ice from residential and commercial properties. After removing snow and ice, landscape companies can also de-ice sidewalks, driveways and other areas to prevent ice buildup.

Tree Trimming Services

Tree trimming is another important service that landscape companies can provide. Trees can become overgrown and pose a danger to property and pedestrians if they are not properly trimmed regularly. Due to their dangerous nature, it’s essential that trees be trimmed by a professional landscape company with the necessary equipment.

While it poses a threat to property and pedestrians, overgrown trees can also be unsightly. Trimming trees can help to improve the look of a property and make it more inviting for potential customers.

In some cases, tree trimming may also be required in order to comply with local ordinance. As a result, you can provide recurring and profitable service to those consumers.

Outdoor Lighting Installation

Installing outdoor lighting can be a simple way to add value to a property without breaking the bank. It can also be a great way to add safety and security to a business or home.

Landscapers who offer outdoor lighting installation can provide their customers with a valuable service that will enhance their property. Not only will outdoor lighting improve the curb appeal of a property, but it can also help to increase its value.

Landscapers offering this service can use it to build rapport with their customers and create a recurring revenue stream.

Water Feature Installation

Installing a water feature can be a great way to add value to a property. Used to create a focal point in an outdoor space, water features can add visual interest to any design.

Landscapers who offer water feature installation can help their customers choose the right type of water feature for their needs. They can also provide ongoing advice on how to maintain the feature so that it continues to look its best.

Due to its complexity,  water feature installation is best left to the professionals. Landscapers who have experience in this area can charge a premium for their services.

Once installed properly, landscapers who offer this service can create repeat business through regular maintenance appointments. This service can also lead to referrals from satisfied customers.

Perimeter pest control

Pest control is an important service for any business or homeowner. Designed to prevent pests from damaging property and spreading diseases,  pest control can be a complex and expensive process.

Providing perimeter pest control to your clients can protect their investments and ensure the safety of their homes and businesses. This service can also be a great way to build rapport with customers and create repeat business.

By offering perimeter pest control services, landscapers can make their customers’ lives easier and their property more valuable. This is a great way to differentiate themselves from other landscapers in the area and attract new business.

Top Landscaping Trends for 2023

Top Landscaping Trends for 2023

As the world progresses, so does the demand for innovative landscaping. After all,  with the way society is now, first impressions are very important— especially when it comes to businesses.

This is one of the many reasons why keeping up with the latest landscaping trends is essential for those in the business. It grants you an edge over the competition and allows you to provide your clients with the best possible service.

Here are a few of the top landscaping trends that you should be on the lookout for in 2023:


Xeriscaping is a type of landscaping that uses native plants that require little to no irrigation. This type of landscaping is perfect for drought-prone areas or for those who want to save water. Some benefits of xeriscaping include reduced water usage, low maintenance, and drought tolerance.

This has become extremely popular in dry regions as it helps property owners save on water bills. Xeriscaping is also great for the environment as it reduces the water that needs to be pumped from the ground.

By offering xeriscaping services, landscapers can stay ahead of the trends and offer a service that is in high demand. This is a great way to attract new customers and grow your business.


Eco-friendly landscaping is another trend that is on the rise. This type of landscaping focuses on using sustainable practices to protect the environment.

This can include using native plants, using recycled materials and avoiding chemicals.

By offering eco-friendly landscaping services, you can show that you care about the environment and are committed to sustainable practices. This is a great way to attract new customers and grow your business.

Minimal Designs

Minimal designs are also becoming more popular. This type of landscaping focuses on simplicity and functionality.

Minimal designs often use clean lines and geometric shapes. They can be very modern, sleek and timeless.

By offering minimal landscaping services, you can show your customers that you are up-to-date with the latest trends. You may also grow your business by attracting new customers who are looking for a more modern approach to landscaping.

Simple Outdoor Spaces

As the world becomes increasingly fast-paced, people are looking for ways to simplify their lives. This desire for simplicity has led to a growing trend for low-maintenance living, which includes everything from decluttering to streamlining.

This trend has filtered into the world of landscaping, as people seek simple, yet functional outdoor spaces. After all, who wants to spend their weekends mowing their extensive lawn when they could be enjoying the great outdoors?

If you can offer simple outdoor designs and spaces, you will be able to appeal to this type of customer. You may also find that you attract new customers who are looking for a low-maintenance landscaping option.

Outdoor Smart Techs

As technology continues to advance, more and more people are looking for ways to incorporate it into their landscaping.

If you can offer outdoor smart tech solutions, you will be able to appeal to this type of customer. From automated sprinkler systems to smart LED lighting, there are various ways you can incorporate smart tech into your landscaping.

By offering these solutions, you will be able to attract new customers who are looking for a more modern landscaping option. You may also find that you are able to charge a premium for your services.

Smaller Lawns

​​With the rise of smaller homes and apartments, many people are downsizing their lawns. This trend has created a demand for more low-maintenance landscaping options.

If you can offer solutions that require less upkeep, you will be able to appeal to this type of customer. From artificial turf to potted plants, there are various ways you can create a low-maintenance landscape.

By offering these solutions, you will attract new customers who are looking for a more modern landscaping option. You may also become the go-to expert for smaller lawns, which can help you to charge a premium for your services.

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