How SEO Helps Landscape Companies (10 Important Benefits)

In this digital age, experts may say that landscaping companies’ SEO is more important than ever. And it’s true. The era of brick-and-mortar businesses is over; unless you go digital, you’re bound to lose out on the competition. 

But what exactly is SEO for landscaping companies? SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of optimizing a website for Google’s search algorithm. You use it to ensure your website appears as the top result when people search for landscape industry-related keywords.

Many believe SEO for landscaping companies is only essential for landscapers who want to make it big. However, even if you operate on a local landscaping scale, SEO helps make you the leader in your community. As a matter of fact, the biggest landscaping companies rely on good landscape SEO to keep them at the top.

It no longer warrants discussion whether SEO for landscaping companies is important or not. But this article will dissect how SEO can help landscapers like you. Read along to learn the 10 important benefits of SEO for landscaping companies.

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Does SEO work for Landscaping Companies?

SEO is more than another marketing front for your landscaping business. It is a necessary strategy to keep your online presence more visible, valuable, and, more importantly, available to consumers. We would even go as far as to say that without SEO, you have zero chances of being seen in online searches.

Digital Synopsis says nine out of 10 people’s online experience begins with search engines. You certainly don’t want to miss out on displaying your landscape business if people require your services. Investing in SEO enhances your company’s visibility, improves your Google ranking and drives more traffic to your site.

SEO works for any business on the face of the earth, but more critically in landscape companies. In saturated markets like that, you need to etch your brand as the authority among all competitors. SEO for landscaping companies does that through high-quality, value-packed, conversion-driven content that your target market needs.

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10 Important Benefits of SEO to Landscaping Companies10 Important Benefits of SEO to Landscaping Companies

Implementing SEO for landscaping companies is entirely different from other marketing strategies. Unlike other techniques that focus on quick conversions and immediate results, SEO for landscapers is about establishing authority. In other words, it is a slow process.

You are building the foundations that tell search engines and audiences that you are the landscaper to trust.

Isn’t that counterintuitive to the goal of a business which is sales?

Not really. Think about it. Would you rather buy from a sleazy smooth-talking landscaper or from someone you actually trust? Exactly.

That said, here are 10 benefits of SEO for landscaping companies.

1. Drives Significant Organic Traffic

The first and most obvious benefit is that SEO drives significant organic traffic to your website. According to BrightEdge, half of all web traffic comes from organic searches. 

Only when you optimize your content and website, do you bag the top spot in search engine results pages. Backlinko says the number one result in Google gets an average click-through rate (CTR) of 27.6 percent. That value is twice as much as the number two spot.

The higher your organic search position, the more traffic you drive to your website. This translates to more prospects for your solutions. Think of SEO strategy as a net. When you cast a big net, you catch more fish. 

Here’s the caveat: Ahrefs reveals that over 90 percent of all web pages receive zero organic search traffic from Google. Do not let that be your landscape business.

2. Significantly Increases Business Value

Sales are the lifeline of your landscaping business. That’s why you want every touchpoint of your landscape business to point toward sales. Optimizing your website and content increases the business value (or assets that make you profitable) by 429 percent  (Terakeet).

Why is that? Most prospects are aware of the problem at hand. They seek search engines to find solutions (and solution-providers) that can take their pain point away. With value-dense SEO content throughout your website, you become the front-running business they can rely on. This makes SEO one of the best ways to grow the reach of your landscaping business.

Do take note that this research by Terakeet spanned 22 months. Search engine optimization takes time, and consistency is the only way to establish yourself as an authority. You must post a steady publication of relevant content that meets your customer’s needs.

3. Enhances User Experience (UX)

One of the most vital pillars of SEO for landscaping companies is user experience. It is the experience your visitors have while navigating through your website. Creating a good UX is key to SEO success and should be a focal point in your SEO strategy. This is because Google’s algorithm heavily relies on user experience when crawling and indexing websites.

A good UX helps rank you better on SERPs but also results in higher click-through rates and lower bounce rates.

There are various ways to enhance the user experience of your website. These include:

  • Creating high-quality content using compelling and keyword-rich titles and meta descriptions. The keywords you use must align with what your market actively searches for within the industry.
  • Optimizing your website’s speed and loading times.
  • Optimizing your website for mobile devices.

4. Builds Brand Awareness

SEO is a long-term marketing investment that helps you build brand awareness for your landscape company. Implementing good SEO practices improves your domain’s rating and authority. This ultimately increases your search result ranking and helps generate landscaping leads


Potential customers who see your company at the top of searches are more likely to trust you for services.

SEO for landscaping companies is the cornerstone to becoming a household name in the industry. While other means to build brand awareness exist, like social media, organic traffic still takes the cake. A study by BrightEdge shows that organic search traffic has 10x higher than social media.

Reinforces Content Marketing Efforts5. Reinforces Content Marketing Efforts

Publishing valuable and useful content is a no-brainer for any business that wants to be seen as an industry expert. However, writing content is more than throwing words on a page. It has to be seen by people for it to serve its purpose. This is where SEO for landscaping companies comes in.

Optimizing your content with relevant keywords makes them easier to locate for search engines and potential customers. People are likelier to click and visit your website when your content appears more during search queries.

6. It Provides a Competitive Advantage

Google has a popularity bias. Websites that are more popular and widely visited often bags the top spot in search results. While this usually is the case, SEO helps lesser-known websites stand on equal ground against household brands. If you’re just starting in the online space, SEO for landscaping companies enables you to establish your footing.

You use your content and website with keywords to increase your site’s visibility against other landscapers with inferior SEO strategies. You also give your business the boost to compete with popular companies.

7. Help Improve Your Local Search Rankings

Even when you operate within a certain locality, SEO for landscaping companies is still relevant. Customers are always on the lookout for solutions near them, and they are seeking answers fast. It is common for Google to receive queries following the same route: “landscaping services + location” or “landscapers near me.”

If your business isn’t optimized for your own community, search engines will rank other businesses ahead of you. With SEO for landscaping companies, particularly local SEO, you increase the chances of appearing in results for local searches. 

You can also employ SEO practices for your Google My Business account, which boosts your visibility and local search rankings.

8. Works Well with Paid Search (PPC Campaigns)

Pay-per-click (PPC) Ads or Google Ads seem to introduce the opposite idea compared to SEO. Here’s why. PPC ads are paid by landscape businesses to bypass the organic search results and appear ahead of the competition. The only difference is that PPC is a pay-to-play strategy.

SEO can help craft the perfect PPC ad for your business. SEO does this by infusing the right keywords, the best headline and the perfect description in your ad. You’ll only want to use PPC ads when you need quick turnarounds for your investments.

Keep in mind that the click-through rate of PPC ads is significantly lower than organic searches. Moreover, SEO is more sustainable in the long run.

Results are Trackable

9. Results are Trackable

One of the greatest wonders of SEO for landscaping companies is that you can track your progress on your own. Your website’s performance can be located in your Google Analytics. This is a repository of all the information you need regarding how customers interact with your website. Data include:

  • Number of web page visits
  • Location where people come from
  • Device that people use
  • Pages users visit most often
  • Bounce rate
  • Time on page

You can use this information to improve your site’s web pages according to its weak performance metric.

Another tool you can use is Google Search Console. While not necessarily an SEO tool, it’s helpful to reinforce existing SEO strategies. For example, you may be ranking on a keyword you are not originally ranking for. Integrating that keyword into your content improves your web page performance overall.

10. Increases Customer Engagement

Every time users visit search engines, they have queries they want to satisfy. Keyword research helps business owners like you determine the most common customer queries. Think of it like speaking directly to them. When you develop content around your market’s question, you produce content that appeals personally.

Personal content has a higher chance of engaging customers and, more importantly, converting them into buyers.

The thing about SEO for landscaping companies is that it doesn’t provide instant gratification as other strategies. SEO is not a one-time task but an ongoing effort to maintain and improve your website’s ranking. It is more commonly a slow process, but the benefits are vast and extensive with a proper incubation period. These benefits extend past web traffic and traverse the realms of sales.

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