Funny Lawn Care Names that Actually Worked

What if I told you funny lawn care names could do more for your business than earn a laugh? If done well, they’ll leave favorable impressions on customers, help build your reputation around town, and increase your company’s visibility. Funny lawn care names can increase visibility while cleverly explaining why you’re the best fit for customers’ lawn care needs. Having a funny lawn care business name could also increase your chances of converting home owners to repeat customers.

Your lawn care names and logos should be created with the company’s personality and values in mind. However, creating the perfect lawn care business name doesn’t have to be boring or stressful. Inspiration can be pulled from funny lawn mowing memes, pop culture references or even hobbies. 

Wherever you pull your inspiration, make sure the final result falls in line with what your company represents. Your name should make a promise to your clients, and your services should always deliver on that promise. 

Home Owners More Likely to Notice Funny Business Names

Home owners love knowing there’s a person behind the business. It makes the business easier to approach and more relatable to the customer. Having funny or witty names for a lawn care business could help you begin building rapport before your first interaction. Following through on this rapport with quality service will help bolster your reputation within your community.

Before picking a name, consider the following questions:

  • How do you want clients to describe your business? 
  • Does this description match what you had in mind? 
    • If not, what can you do to help sway their opinion in the right direction?

Use these questions as a guide when creating your company name. Word of mouth marketing works wonders for small businesses, but make sure the words match your brand and goals. With a funny lawn care business name, who wouldn’t love to be known as the funny landscaper with fantastic services? 

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How Do You Choose Your Lawn Care Business Name?

Your business name will serve as the first impression of your company, so it’s important to choose one with care. When picking witty names for a lawn care business, start by creating a list of lawn care services you provide. This can serve as the perfect starting point for brainstorming funny lawn care names while ensuring you stay on brand.  

If you’re still lost, consider tools used for lawn care or even the result your clients want when hiring you. Never underestimate the power of puns or double entendres when creating names for a lawn care business. There is plenty of room for creativity when choosing your business name, so have fun while you brainstorm!

No one has to see every name you create and you’ll go through plenty of duds before finding the one. 

However, before selecting a name for your business, do some research to make sure it’s available for use. Unless you’re part of a chain, you don’t want to have multiple companies with the same or a similar name. 

Wherever you draw inspiration for your lawn care business name, make sure to…

How Do You Choose Your Lawn Care Business Name_Keep it Easy to Remember

Try not to pick a name that’s overly complex, jargon heavy or spelled in a “unique” way. While we love a good play on words, we don’t want a name too difficult for your customer to remember. 

Funny lawn care names work because they’re witty and straight to the point. There’s no point using twenty words when you can convey the same idea in three. The easier your lawn care business name is to remember, the better your chances of it sticking in customers’ minds.

When it comes to business names for lawn care, it’s also important to remember…

The Simpler the Better 

Your customers already have a lot on their plates. Keeping your business name simple makes it even easier for them to remember as they go about their day. The best lawn care names and logos work because there’s beauty in their simplicity. The same applies to creating funny lawn care names for your business. 

The simpler the name, the easier it’ll be for customers to recall at a later date. The easier it is to recall, the better your chances are of being found when customers search for you. 

Speaking of being found when customers search for you, please be sure that you…

Don’t Abbreviate Your Company Name

We know how tempting it is to take a well-known abbreviation and create a new meaning for it. It’s a cheeky way to help stand out from the crowd, right? 


Unless you’re a well-known company like CNN, ABC, MTV or BET, avoid abbreviations at all costs. Using abbreviations decreases the chances of your business being found. We want clients to find you when looking for the funny lawn care name they saw posted around town. Increase the chances of your company being seen by spelling out the name of your business. 

I cannot stress this enough; we want the clients to find your lawn care business. Using an abbreviation, even if you created a clever new meaning, will make you harder to find. We’re trying to increase the visibility of your business.

Another awesome way to do this is to…

Be Specific, Avoid Generic NamesBe Specific, Avoid Generic Names

We need the clients to actually find you when they look up your funny lawn care names. Be specific with your naming choice, but don’t be too specific. Again, we want the clients to find you. Being too specific means the customers will have to remember your name word for word to find. 

That said, avoid generic names such as Lawncare and Landscaping or Landscape Group as there are lots of businesses with similar names. We want you to stand out instead of being a particular needle in a pile of needles.

Make sure to keep your lawn care business name relevant to your company and the services it offers. 

Your brand, and its reach, will grow as your business grows. As such…

Consider Pleasant Sounding and Looking Names

As your brand grows, so will the need for business cards, flyers, websites, and other promotional pieces. At the core of each, will be the name of your lawn care business. Make sure the lawn care names selected are ones you’d be proud to have associated with and represent your brand.

We’re aiming to capture your company’s personality through your lawn care business name. We also want it to be professional, so you can compete with more established companies.  

Funny Lawn Care Names that Might Work for You

Surely, you didn’t think we’d spend this long talking about funny lawn care names without providing our own list. Did you? The names below can be mixed and matched to create a new name or used as inspiration for your brainstorming session. Remember, always check name availability before selecting your lawn care business name. 

  • Beds, Gardens, Weeds and Holes (Weeds and Holes)
  • I Got Something (For Your Grass)
  • The Landscape Crafters
  • Sides and Turf
  • Mow Standards
  • Lawn Plugs
  • Rakes and Spades
  • Bald Spots Be Gone
  • The One-Stop Lawn Shop
  • Come to the Green Side
  • The Mowologist
  • I Come, I Mow, I Mulch
  • Kiss My Grass Lawn Care
  • Lawn & Order Landscaping
  • Up in Smoke Lawn Care
  • The Lawn Ranger
  • No Mow Worries Lawncare
  • Dirty Lawns Done Dirt Cheap
  • Lawn Sharks
  • The Abominable Mowman
  • Mow-licious
  • Mow-Town
  • Mows R Us
  • Lawn Enforcement Lawncare
  • Budda Belly Lawn Care
  • Short Cut Landscaping
  • Barber of the Grass
  • Green Greener Grass
  • Greengate Turf Management
  • Greenskeeper Landscape
  • Lawn Care Alert
  • Lawn Dogs
  • Lawn Love
  • Lawn Patrol
  • Lawn Universe
  • Lawns R Us
  • The Grass King
  • The Grass Master
  • Just For Lawns
  • Just Right Lawns
  • Low Cut Lawn Care
  • The Lawn Salon
  • The Other Side Lawn Care
  • The Yard Butler
  • The Mulching Band
  • For Better or For Mow
  • Men in Green
  • Green Minded Mowers
  • From Dust Till Lawn
  • Lawn Enforcement Team
  • Lawn Craft
  • High Life Lawn Care
  • Sod and Flowerbeds

Chuckle Your Way to Business

Chuckle Your Way to Business

Owning and naming your own business doesn’t mean losing your sense of humor. You can keep it professional while having fun. Just remember, when creating names for a lawn care business, make sure it stays on brand. 

Keep your company brand name simple and easy to remember, so customers can recall it at a moment’s notice. Don’t abbreviate your company’s name and be as specific as possible. Consider names easy on both the eyes and ears, so it ages as beautifully alongside your company.

Make sure your lawn care name captures what your company stands for while earning a chuckle in the process. Customers love supporting small businesses as it supports their local community.  

Why not have your business be the next one they choose to support? 

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