Commercial Lawn Care: 8 Key Tips in Using Social Media to Grow Your Business

Social media marketing is a non-negotiable marketing strategy for many businesses, and commercial lawn care is no exception.

In recent years, social media has become an increasingly important factor for landscaping companies looking to reach a wider audience. Whether that is residential or commercial lawn care makes no difference. With the increasing number of social media users, commercial lawn care companies have an opportunity to reach potential customers.

But more than having a social media account is needed. There is more to social media than your presence, and a few lawn care social media posts.

Here, we’ll tackle eight key tips to boost your commercial lawn care using social media. Applying these expert recommendations can help you stay ahead of your landscape competitors!

The Role of Social Media on Commercial Lawn Care Business

In today’s business climate, commercial lawn care businesses face unique challenges in achieving success. Despite economic downturns, the residential and commercial lawn care industry experiences consistent upward growth.

According to the latest data and statistics, there are around 650 thousand landscape companies in the US. And 20 thousand more businesses were added to that list in 2022 alone. It is no secret that the industry is booming due to high customer demand and increased environmental attention.

However, the thriving industry also challenges many landscapers significantly— increased competition.

Effective marketing is essential to gaining a competitive edge and growing your commercial lawn care business with the increasing competition. Fortunately, social media provides an ideal platform for commercial landscaping companies to promote their services and increase visibility online.

The logic is simple: social media allows you to be where your audiences are.

Research shows 302.35 million active social media users across the US, equating to 90 percent of the population. Your target audience likely belongs to those numbers.

Among the countless social platforms, Facebook is the most popular, with three out of four adults using it. Still, we must always recognize the power of other channels to promote our commercial lawn care businesses!

Thanks to its reach, using social media to promote commercial lawn care can help build a customer base and forge relationships. More importantly, these connections can bear fruit, leading to more sales and repeat businesses.

The question that matters now is: are you using social media effectively?

If not, we can help you change that. With years of growing landscape businesses across the country, we have used social media around the clock. Those rich experiences allowed us to crack the code for marketing on social media sites. And we can apply those for your commercial lawn care business!

Book a free call with us, and we’ll tell you everything.

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How To Effectively Use Social Media for a Commercial Lawn Care business?

Social media can be your marketing game-changer! Continue reading below to learn how to use social media for your commercial lawn care company effectively.

Establish Your GoalsEstablish Your Goals

Every activity should begin with a plan— even social media. Think about it. You use personal accounts to connect with friends and family or build professional connections. Similarly, using social media for your landscaping company must have an underlying goal.

Do you want to use it as an advertising hub to increase brand awareness? Or are you looking to engage with existing customers and acquire new ones? 

Your goal will ultimately decide how you use the social platforms.

Preparing SMART goals is one helpful solution for weighing your options. Plus, SMART goals can put threats and opportunities in perspective, helping you strategize better.

Expand Your Social Media Platforms

Having a presence on multiple social media platforms can do wonders for commercial lawn care businesses. It allows you to connect with potential clients using a different platform than you.

Today, Facebook remains the king of social media, but that current ranking is as fickle as a feather. With Meta’s fall and other platforms’ rise, the top spot may change in the coming years. And TikTok is in a position to bag the #1 spot!

To give you an idea, TikTok trails behind Facebook and Instagram and user count, with 1 billion vs. 2.9 and 1.3 billion, respectively. However, 2022 data tells us the massive upscale of TikTok’s reach. In Q2 of 2022 alone, TikTok had 18 million downloads, becoming the most downloaded and highest-earning non-game application.

Expanding social platforms allows you to reach users from all the popular sites. For example, many Facebook users are not on TikTok, especially with the rise of Facebook reels. But being present in both increases your chances of them finding you.

Here are other platforms to consider for your commercial lawn care business:

  • Instagram (1.3 billion users)
  • LinkedIn (875 million users)
  • Twitter (544 million users)
  • Pinterest (433 million users)
  • Reddit (430 million users)
  • Quora (300 million users)
  • YouTube (2.5 billion users, but not a social media site)

Actively Engage Audiences Through Social Media

It’s better to do business with people you have a relationship with. While all customers may be different, they all have one thing in common: they all look for businesses they like.

What better way for people to like you than active engagement that leads to fruitful relationships? Social media allows users to see and communicate with businesses. Entertain online users by actively replying to messages and engaging with comments. They will soften up to your business and offers, eventually.

Moreover, another way to engage audiences is to post relevant, useful and value-packed content frequently. This establishes your position as an authority, encouraging users to choose you over inactive competitors.

The ideal posting frequency we have observed is daily.

Craft Your Social Media Content CalendarCraft Your Social Media Content Calendar

Many commercial lawn care business owners give up immediately after knowing they should post content daily. But with an eye for creativity and enough patience, guided by a social media calendar content— it is possible!

A content calendar is a scheduling guide that tells you when and what content to upload. Ideally, it would help if you had a month’s worth of content prepared two weeks before the month starts.

Crafting a content calendar for commercial lawn care businesses is essential to success in today’s social media age. Not only will this motivate you to post daily, but it will also diversify your focus throughout the month.

For example, a comprehensive content calendar should include posts like:

  • Educational posts about lawn care and maintenance
  • Seasonal tips
  • Discounts and offers
  • Portfolio promotion
  • Online reviews
  • Inspirational material related to the industry

Creative posts paired with compelling copy are a killer combo to invite interaction.

Run Ad Campaigns

Posting daily is one way to organically build your network— organic, meaning natural or unadulterated with money. However, your content’s visibility is limited to your followers, subscribers or those who like your page. Running ad campaigns is the counterpart to help you reach beyond your current market.

Popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn have established advertising networks. Buying ads can help you maximize your reach and target a specific audience. 

With their built-in targeting and retargeting options, you can specifically narrow down commercial lawn care customers in your service area.

Alternatively, you can connect and partner with relevant influencers to help boost brand engagement. Advertisements are absolute tactics when using social to promote your business.

Track Audience Engagement and Optimize

Some ads work, but others do not give you the results you are looking for. It happens, and when it does, they leave a bitter taste in your mouth, considering you probably spent thousands. But it is not the end of the world.

Social media sites also possess data analysis tools to help analyze your ad performance. For instance: impressions, engagements and clicks are some of the measured parameters. Feel free to tweak elements within your ads to improve their performance.

Instead of replacing them entirely, optimizing ads allow you to squeeze all possible ROI from an ad. This strategy can help you save more money in the long run.

Create a Specific Call-to-action on Each Post

Calls-to-action or CTAs are what many commercial lawn care businesses often overlook in their posts or ads.

The CTA is the action you want your audience to take upon seeing your content. Do you want them to call you? Send a message? Like your page? Visit a website?

Whatever it is, your CTA button should clearly state what you want users to do. Otherwise, they feel lost after encountering your content. The CTA’s absence kills the engagement that your ad or content builds with customers.

Some advertising platforms have built-in CTA generators. However, regular content posts do not have CTAs, so you must create them yourself. Seamlessly integrating it into your caption or copy is one way to do it.

Link Your Social Media Account to Your Website and Blogs

Link Your Social Media Account to Your Website and Blogs

For the last tip, ensure your website and social media account speak the same language. That means when customers visit your website, they must continue the conversation from the social media page and vice versa.

How exactly do you achieve this?

Here are some ways:

If your website is filled with industry-relevant and SEO keywords, make sure your social media speaks the same things. For instance, imagine that you are mentioning “commercial lawn care services” throughout your website. Your social media page and posts must also contain the same terms whenever possible.

Second, ensure your social media description content or about us page is similar to your website’s. This puts two and two together for non-tech-savvy customers needing help finding your page. Your logo and branding package (color, style and feel) should also be consistent in both channels.

Finally, promote your blogs through your social media channel. Social media channels are some of the most authoritative websites. Aside from giving blogs much-deserved exposure from your readers, it also improves SEO. Backlinks from social media channels can improve your blog’s search engine rankings.

There you have it! That concludes our tips on growing your commercial lawn care business through social media. You can elevate your business above competitors through good social media management practices with enough patience and effort.

Or, better yet, hire Landscape Marketing Hero to do it for you so you can prioritize leadership and management roles!

At LMH, we build commercial lawn care brands into social media big-shots. If that’s your vision for your business, book a call and let’s make it happen.