7 Reasons Why Every Landscape Company Needs Video Marketing

You have every tool you need to turn any yard into an oasis amongst a wasteland of lesser landscaping. But what good are they if you don’t have the tools you need to market your stellar service? 

Nowadays, video marketing for landscaping companies is like a garage for a car. You may be surviving without it, but the longer you wait, the more money you’re losing out on. 

As a landscape business owner, you want to promote your services in the most effective and efficient way possible. You’ve built the perfect website, run email campaigns, created blogs, ran billboard ads and sent postcards.

Now, the time has come to evolve alongside the market. For landscaping companies, video marketing is that evolution. 

Video is an amazing tool for engaging customers and providing them with valuable information about what makes your service special. As a result, this form of media is becoming the lifeblood of the most successful landscaping companies in the industry. And with a deeper understanding and a pinch of inspiration, video marketing can be your path to success too!

Hopefully, this article will provide you and your company with that inspiration – and success!

The Role of Videos for Landscaping Business

Video marketing for landscaping businesses can be a powerful tool to grow and achieve success. With video marketing, it’s possible to showcase your services in unique ways, reach more potential customers and stand out.

Video is one of the most effective methods for landscape companies to attract and engage customers. From showcasing your team to highlighting successful projects, video marketing can be an all-encompassing marketing tool if applied correctly.

What’s more, videos also provide an opportunity to:

  • Be transparent with your audience
  • Tell stories about why you are passionate about your work
  • Demonstrate how you go above and beyond for clients
  • Inform viewers on how they could improve their own outdoor spaces with simple DIY projects

And more!

At the end of the day, this form of media builds trust between your brand and your audience, as well as potential clients. In fact, consumers are 27.4 times more likely to click through online video ads than standard banners. Furthermore, 74 percent of people who watched a video on a product or service made a purchase afterwards. 

The numbers don’t lie. 

Video is the #1 way for consumers to discover brands. Video marketing isn’t just some new and niche trend – it’s the future of the industry. Or at least, such is the case for those companies that wish to remain relevant. 

In particular, video marketing is especially useful for:

Answering Questions (FAQs)Answering Questions (FAQs)

Video allows you to create content that answers common questions or concerns about landscaping in the most comprehensive way. Such FAQs include how to properly maintain an outdoor space or which materials are best for certain projects. 

Since video can be viewed and heard, it is more digestible for audiences. This means that those questions that continuously need answering stay answered while your company becomes an authority on landscaping. 


Video marketing gives you the chance to share valuable stories in a more engaging way than text or images ever could. For example, you can use videos to describe how your team overcame challenges during a project. By doing so, you demonstrate your expertise and experience in the field.

At Landscape Marketing Hero, we help market your business and manage your video content strategically and effectively. In doing so, we ensure optimal leads for our clients to spread their message and ultimately cultivate success! 

To learn more about how we can do the same for your landscaping business, contact us today!

Why Every Landscaper Needs Video Marketing

Videos can also be used as part of a larger marketing strategy for landscaping companies. High-quality content that is both informative and entertaining can increase brand awareness, build customer loyalty and drive sales. Additionally, videos are great for SEO purposes since they provide another avenue for people to discover your business online.

To discover seven reasons why video marketing is so imperative for landscaping companies, continue reading!

Audiences Love Video ContentAudiences Love Video Content

Video marketing for landscaping companies is one of the best landscape business ideas out there. People love video content and are used to watching it on their phones and computers every day. 

Video content can be used to showcase your work, highlight customer testimonials, or even provide educational content about your services. It also helps put a face to your business and create a personal connection with your customers. 

What’s more, it simply adds likability and recognizability to your brand. This is signified by 90 percent of video respondents reporting that they enjoyed watching video content from brands online.

Good ROI on Video Marketing

Video marketing for landscaping companies is also a great way to get an excellent return on investment (ROI). 

Video content can be quickly and easily shared across multiple platforms, meaning that it has potential to reach untapped audiences. Throw in some creativity and entertainment value and you could even go viral!

On top of this, video content is incredibly easy to measure in terms of performance. This allows you to see what works and what doesn’t, so you can refine your video marketing strategy over time.

Videos Are a Highly Engaging Medium Today

Video content offers the most engaging way to show off your work and make an impression on potential customers. 

And why is it engaging? 

Simple. After your video, consumers can like or dislike a video, leave comments, contribute on livestream and show their support.

In other words, videos are engaging because THEY’RE INTERACTIVE.    

A video tour of behind the scenes or a recently completed project is much more effective than simply showing photos. An instructional DIY video is far more helpful than a written set of instructions. It makes your audience feel like they’re a part of the solution you’re offering, like you’re not holding out.  

A Great Medium to Help Explain Landscaping Products and Services

Videos help provide a visual demonstration of your products or how your landscape design will look once completed. You might also create video tutorials that teach potential customers about the different landscaping techniques and materials available.

People absorb information better through two senses instead of one, making video the most efficient form of presenting information. The more people able to comprehend what you’re putting out, the more authority you and your brand will build. 

Authority leads to trust, and trust leads to more numerous and profitable leads. 

Best Way to Persuade New Landscaping Clients

Video is also a great way to show off your creativity and demonstrate the quality of your work. By showcasing beautiful landscape designs, you can attract more customers who appreciate the finer details and craftsmanship of your work.

That said, it’s important to remember that video marketing is not just about creating video content. It’s also important to promote it in the right ways. For example, by using social media and paid advertising you can reach an even larger audience with your video content. You can also create blog posts around video topics to further engage potential customers. 

By creating video content with tact and consistency, landscaping businesses can quickly increase visibility online and in the local community.

Videos Are Highly Shareable Content

When a video you’ve created goes viral, it can quickly reach thousands or even millions of viewers. This gives landscapers exposure to a vast audience that may not be familiar with their business yet. 

Now pair this with the fact that 90 percent of people report discovering new products and brands on YouTube alone. Suddenly the promise of new leads is more than just a hope – it’s an inevitability.   

Video Content Helps Landscaping SEO efforts

Video Content Helps Landscaping SEO efforts

The only ones who love video content more than audiences are search engines. Google’s algorithm actually favors video content especially. For example, if you’ve ever tried to Google “how to” anything, the first results will likely be a video. Otherwise, they won’t be far from the top. 

When optimized properly, videos can improve your website’s visibility in the search engine results page, or SERP. And by making content regularly, this visibility will increase steadily over time and remain so for years to come. This helps reinforce brand authority while driving greater audiences to your website, increasing the chances of them becoming paying clients.

That said, not just any sloppily assembled videos will do. It’s important to ensure it’s compelling down to the thumbnail image. Also, don’t forget to link and embed it into your website. 

At Landscape Marketing Hero, we understand that creating engaging videos isn’t easy. That’s why we offer professional advice and video-content creation services tailored specifically to your needs. Our team of professionals will guide you from concept to launch in order to create effective long-term video marketing strategies. 

By taking advantage of our services, you will be able to present yourself as an expert in landscape design. This can include anything from instructional tutorials on how to install a plant bed to customer testimonials. The possibilities are endless! With our help, you’ll have high-quality videos that will tell your story and attract future clients. 

Contact us now for more information about how we can help revolutionize your digital landscape presence!