6 of the World’s Best Landscapers to Inspire You Today

Most successful entrepreneurs in 2023.”

Best celebrities to ever grace the showbiz world.”

Greatest world leaders throughout history.”

Have you ever seen these types of roundup articles circulating online? Believe it or not, these search queries are popular. Many people like to know the top dogs of various industries and learn how they got there.

But rarely do I see the same list for landscapers. 

Despite the existence of world-renowned landscape designs, there are few lists of best landscaping companies published online. And Landscape Marketing Hero sought to find the answer to this query— who is the best landscaper?

To our surprise, six made it to the list, and we separated them into different classifications. Take note, they are all capable of designing the most beautiful landscaping out there. But their companies boast key attributes that brand them as the best landscaper for a specific category.

So, ready to discover the top landscape architects and best landscape designers in the world? Keep reading.

Why Should You Care About the Best Landscapers?

The answer to this question can go two ways:

First, you are a homeowner, entrepreneur or property manager looking for reliable landscaping companies. The list educates you about the best landscaper to hire depending on your landscape or lawn care needs.

Second, you are a landscaper too, either established or start-up. The world’s best landscapers were also once in your position, but through hard work, determination and luck achieved great success. Their feats are stories of inspiration and lessons you can apply to grow and boost your business.

With the proper guidance and tools at your disposal, you can achieve— if not exceed— those same feats. 

Landscape Marketing Hero believes that you can be the best landscaping company in your own right. And we’re here to support you every step of the way.

That said, let’s kick this list off with the wealthiest landscaping companies to date:

Top 3 Richest Landscaping Companies in the U.S.

Money is never the sole standard for success, but the abundance of cash does tell a story. It means your business is doing something right, hence the constant stream of sales and revenue coming in. A hefty cash reserve also indicates consumer trust, effective financial management and excellent service.

Regarding the best landscapers or landscape companies worldwide, only three businesses are financially set eons above the rest. These three reached the billion-dollar mark in revenue while other landscapers battle it out in the hundred-million area.

Here are the best landscapers as far as money is concerned:

Rank Company Name Headquarters 2021 Revenue
Top 1 BrightView Holdings Blue Bell, Pennsylvania $2,553,600,000
Top 2 TruGreen Memphis, Tennessee $1,500,000,000
Top 3 The Davey Tree Expert Co. Kent, Ohio $1,378,053,000

BrightView remains the leading landscaping company across the United States with an unrivaled two-billion-dollar revenue. Their 2021 revenue is 9 percent higher than they earned from the past year.

Behind BrightView are TruGreen and The Davey Tree Expert Co., engaged in tight competition for the second spot. But despite being in third place, The Davey Tree Expert grew seven percent from 2020, while TruGreen only had one percent growth. In other words, succeeding TruGreen in the second spot is not far from reality.

Only these three companies managed to reach billions in revenue. Still, the next best landscaper earned $446 million in revenue, which deserves quite the recognition.

It may seem puzzling how these landscaping companies achieved such feats, but it is possible, and you can too. One of the most effective strategies to boost your progress is marketing. Using various platforms to promote your business is essential, as this will help increase awareness and draw more attention to your services.

With better visibility comes more leads to convert and with more conversions comes higher revenue.

The question is: do you want high-quality leads and skyrocketed revenue?

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The World_s Best Performing Landscapers 2023

The World’s Best Performing Landscapers 2023

LMH spent 48 hours digging through over 40 landscaping companies to determine this list. We read reviews, explored their services and checked portfolios to find the best ones.

After all the research, six companies stood out from the rest as the best landscaper in their respective categories. If you’re itching to know the best-performing landscapers of 2023, you should know the classifications first:

  • Best overall
  • Best for residential
  • Best for commercial
  • Best for government
  • Best for tree care and management
  • Best for lawn maintenance

Check the winners:

Best Overall: BrightView

There is a reason behind BrightView’s impeccable revenue and net worth: they are masters of the landscaping craft.

Despite that, revenue was not the reason behind their best overall rating. Carefully studying their company and portfolio clarified why they deserve the best landscaper.

BrightView boasts 140 years of the shared experiences of two powerful landscaping companies: The Brickman Group and ValleyCrest Landscape. Today, Brightview is the largest and world’s leading landscaping company in the U.S., with over 175 locations nationwide.

Brightview’s operation revolves around four tenets: design, develop, enhance and maintain. In other words, clients can hire the renowned organization regardless of the landscape’s state. Moreover, one glance at their website shows they serve a wide range of markets.

From commercial clients to residential customers, Brightview serves them both. On top of that, they also provide services for other entities like:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Religion
  • Retail
  • Sports and leisure

Brightview also goes beyond providing lawn care solutions. Having landscape architects on board allows them to take on designing and construction services. Water management, tree care, sports turf establishment and snow-related amenity are also part of their expertise.

Among the list, BrightView is the undisputed best all-arounder.

Best for Residential: TruGreen

TruGreen bags the second spot in terms of finances and landscaping service quality. Despite serving residential and commercial clients, TruGreen is the best for residential landscaping tasks. After serving customers for over 50 years, they have also mastered their craft.

What sets TruGreen apart is its subscription-based landscape services. Customers can choose between five tiers:

  • TruNatural: uses chemical-free fertilization to grow thick and healthy turf
  • TruMaintenance: seeks to maintain lawns through fertilization and weed control
  • TruHealth: keeps lawn in holistic health using fertilization, pest and weed control
  • TruComplete: focuses on complete lawn health through fertilization, aeration, weed control and pest management
  • TruSignature: is the best tier in the list capturing TruComplete services paired with tree and shrub care

TruGreen also offers mosquito control which is perfect for families with little children. Plus, their plans revolve around affordable lawn maintenance, which is generally appropriate for homeowners.

That said, they are the best landscaper for residential services.

Best for commercial_ YellowstoneBest for Commercial: Yellowstone

Unlike other contenders in this roundup, Yellowstone is one of the youngest. Established only in 2008, they are already one of the industry’s fastest-growing commercial landscaping-focused companies. Today, they are home to 6,000 landscape professionals and the trusted partner of more than 5,000 clients across the U.S.

They firmly believe every landscape reflects the landscaper behind it. For this reason, they seek to create the best possible masterpiece for every client.

Like others, they offer high-quality landscape maintenance and enhancement services. Tree care, irrigation, water management and snow removal are also part of their arsenal of solutions. But what they are most good at is landscape installation. This involves creating the landscape of your dreams coupled with construction services that offer functionality and performance.

For years, Yellowstone has dedicated its lives to commercial improvements, and the track record sings in adoration. That is why they are the best landscaper to hire for commercial purposes.

Best for Government: Bartlett

Government agencies and national institutions are all about effectiveness and efficiency. Operational efficiency helps streamline services, which benefits the citizens in the long run. While other landscapers have served the government before, Bartlett Tree Experts is unlike any other.

Bartlett Tree Experts was founded more than a century ago. Since their establishment in 1907, they have focused on keeping clients’ trees looking healthy, lush and beautiful. But don’t let the name fool you because they are more than tree care experts. Bartlett has evolved into an all-around lawn care, landscape and tree service provider.

Today, Bartlett Tree Experts serves various clients and industries, including:

  • Landscape architects
  • General contractors
  • Property management
  • Landscape partners
  • Educational institutions
  • Municipalities and parks

But what sets Bartlett apart is their experience in serving government properties. The Washington County Government Center and the National September 11 Memorial & Museum are examples of their services.

Bartlett’s web-based tree inventory and management software enable clients to track and manage their property’s landscape situation. Ultimately, it serves to support the government’s operational efficiency.

That’s why they are the best landscaper in this industry.

Best for Tree Care and Management: Davey Tree Expert Company

Landscaping is more than shrubs and rose bushes. Even properties occupied with none other than perennials can turn into magnificent landscapes. And the top specialists to hire for professional tree services is Davey Tree Expert Company. In fact, they offer more tree services than landscaping and lawn care!

Established in 1880, Davey Tree remains true to its legacy of focusing on tree health and maintenance. The founder, John Davey, is also called the “Father of Tree Surgery” because he trained the world’s first tree surgeons. Decades later, these tree surgeons who hailed from John’s expertise are now called arborists.

Davey Tree Expert Company’s services include:

  • Health inspection and treatment
  • Planting and transplanting
  • Shrub pruning
  • Tree and shrub fertilization
  • Trimming and pruning
  • Storm preparation
  • Tree buttressing

With these services, Davey Tree very well deserves to be the best landscaper for tree care and management.

Best for lawn maintenance_ Weed Man

Best for Lawn Maintenance: Weed Man

Finally, Weed Man is the best lawn care company for clients looking primarily for lawn maintenance experts. Instead of diversifying, like the competition, Weed Man remains faithful to its calling— maintain greener and healthier lawns.

Aside from fertilization and lawn aeration, they also specialize in controlling all kinds of weeds, insects and other pests. From armyworms, fire ants, chinch bugs and grubs to fleas and ticks, they have them all managed. Moreover, they are also dedicated to helping your lawn against mammalian pests like moles.

To many, failing to diversify is a lack of progress, but not for Weed Man. Instead of staying behind the times, they mastered the craft of lawn maintenance and adopted new technologies. Today, they are unrivaled in lawn protection, thus, deserve the best landscaper title in this regard.

Apart from this list, there are other incredible landscaping companies out there. Landscape Marketing Hero believes that your company is one too! And we can help improve your landscape business even further.


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